QMetry Automation Studio release v1.46.0

Ashish Katrekar
October 9, 2020

We are happy to announce the release of QASv1.46.0 this week. The build has some much-awaited features and improvements such as reports for execution using test recorder, tagging/recording test cases using test recorder etc.

Release Notes:

Improvements to Test Case Recorder and Test Execution

  • Tag/Label test cases created through a web-recorder. Exported source code will retain these tags in the test cases.
  • Execute test suites by selecting and filtering test cases using tags.
  • Set the execution order of test cases at runtime while executing a test suite.
  • Web elements and locators are highlighted to provide better focus at the time of execution.

Improvements to Reports

  • QASReports for Test Recorder executions are now available under new “Analytics” menu
    • Create/link bugs directly from the report to QTM/Jira.
    • Upload test results from the report directly to QTM/QTM for Jira. 
  • Command Line Reports/Terminal Reports have moved under the Analytics menu.

Improvements to Shareable Test cases

  • Ability to update shareable test cases that reflect changes in all the parent test cases.
  • Shareable test cases are now exported as custom methods in source code.
  • Execute shareable test cases by providing test data parameters directly at Input Level.
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