QMetry Automation Studio – Release v1.38.0

Punit Samtani
January 21, 2020
QMetry Automation Studio V1.38.0

Test Automation is one of the most trending subjects in the world of software quality. Yet, when it comes to selecting the right tool, many companies don’t know where to start. If you are similarly confused, take a look at this curated list of the Top 5 Test Automation Tools in 2020.

When it comes to reviews and ratings, one tool that is consistently ranked by independent reviewers and software testing experts is QMetry Automation Studio. And now it is even bigger and better with some shiny, new features.

In our latest build v1.38.0, we bring you some exciting capabilities such as browser-less setup and self-healing automated tests.

Headless testing executes projects using a browser-less setup. It doesn’t require a user interface. There are many benefits to the users from increased speed and performance, ability to multi-task and testing of browser-less setups.

Take a look at this and other enhancements

Now you can:

  • Execute QAS projects in CLI mode for Windows/Mac. The executions occur in a headless mode with browser-less setup which results in better performance and speed.

    QMetry Automation Studio - Release v1.38.0

    QMetry Automation Studio - Release v1.38.0

  • Auto repair pre-recorded test cases during execution using the self-healing option on chrome browser. This saves significant time in executing and updating test cases. Self-healing test cases cover the following use cases:

    QMetry Automation Studio - Release v1.38.0

    • During execution, if a test step locator fails to be detected by its default locator value, the other locator strategies in the list will be automatically applied without any manual intervention from the tester. The execution will continue as if no failures has happened.
    • During execution, if a test step locator is failed and can’t be auto detected using any of the other locator strategies, QAS will pause the execution and then will allow the user to select the relevant element and continue the execution. The new locator strategy will be auto updated for the next execution.
  • Use our enhanced support for Firefox and Edge browsers to execute pre-recorded web test cases through test recorder.

    QMetry Automation Studio - Release v1.38.0

  • Check the consolidated list of all the integrations using our integration screen.

    QMetry Automation Studio - Release v1.38.0

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