Productivity Hack for Remote and Distributed Teams: Use Jira for Test Case Management

Jasmine Chokshi
April 1, 2020
Use Jira for Test Case Management

Necessity is the mother of innovation – to rephrase the old adage. Nobody could predict that by March of 2020 remote workers will take over the workforce and everyone will be scrambling to find better ways of improving productivity.

Whether it is team collaboration, improving productivity, organization tools, reports or status updates, the remote world largely thrives on collaboration tools and video conferencing services to keep the lights on, so to speak.

If you are working in a fast-paced, DevOps environment, then it is all the more necessary to be on the same page as far as project statuses go. One key aspect of maintaining the release cadence and avoiding quality oversight or bottlenecks that will impact the timelines and costs of the project is effective test management.

Releasing a high-quality product needs a solid test plan and strategy.

Why not use Jira for Test Management?

Here’s a tip to ensure your teams build a quality-first product that the customer criteria. Use Jira for test case management. Many teams globally already use Jira and other tools from the Atlassian ecosystem for bug-tracking, issue tracking and project management.

Why not extend its use for maintaining the quality of your projects, create tests, execute them and tightly integrate your project management, testing and development to streamline productivity?

You are already familiar with the Jira ecosystem, in fact even partial to it. Now your team members can help deliver quality code by integrating test management tools with the Jira dashboard.

By bringing advanced testing capabilities inside Jira, your agile teams can move faster, identify blockers with higher accuracy and still release on schedule whether they are working from home or in office.

How can you help your remote teams achieve high-speed with quality without moving from the familiar Jira environment?

QMetry Test Management for Jira (QTM4J) offers complete test management inside Jira for Agile and DevOps teams

Designed to provide a seamless, one tool experience, QTM4J is architecturally independent in terms of design, speed, UI, usability and integration possibilities. The learning curve is quite short because it works right inside Jira.

The best part? It has all the features of a standalone test management tool yet it is available at a fraction of the cost. Author, execute or manage test cases with this lightweight yet power-packed tool.

QTM4J is also the only tool in the Atlassian Marketplace that offers Exploratory Testing for easy test case documentation. Your tester working from home can record all actions and log defects with a single mouse click.

Moreover, QTM4J is scalable and flexible offering integration with all major CI/CD and test automation tools. With granular reporting and analytics with dashboards, test data parametrization, test cycles for multi-execution of test cases, QTM4J can help you take your project quality to the next level. To find out more about QTM4J and its awesome features, sign up for a free trial.

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