October Editorial – News and Updates from QMetry

Deepak Parmar
October 16, 2018

If there are two defining characteristics about the state of software quality and development today – Speed is king and so is the Customer. User attention and loyalty are very fickle. All digital assets have to be developed with this two-edged sword of user expectations and speed in mind. At the recently held STARWEST conference at Anaheim, California, we were part of many such interesting conversations from the world of software testing.

STARWEST is the longest running and recognized conferences on QA and software testing. The Expo has over 100 learning and networking opportunities and covers some of the most in demand topics of discussion like Testing in DevOps, Test and Release Automation, Test Transformation etc. Team QMetry was one of the Gold Sponsors at this event. If you missed this event, then here are a few highlights from StarWest in our blog.

In other exciting news, we have rebranded and relaunched our website this month. The new look is more clean and contemporary with focus on readability and some great isometric visuals that grab your attention. Check out our new avatar and let us know what you think.

We are also delighted to announce that QMetry’s been selected by Test Magazine in their compilation of Top 20 Software Testing Providers for 2018. This is a great honor and a testament to QMetry’s consistent performance in the test management and quality space because QMetry has been selected two years in a row.

While businesses have realized the importance of shifting left by focusing on continuous delivery, it requires a continuous feedback mechanism. A CI/CD practice that allows them to monitor and improve the releases incrementally. But in the age of two-week sprints and every day releases, this is easier said than done.

Fortunately, critical, smaller releases can be shipped through an automated release pipeline but the scales are tipped with rising volumes. Test Automation needs to be intuitive and intelligent to handle the scope and complexity of modern software releases.

Knowing what to automate and when, is half the battle won. Read our blog to find out about the ideal scenarios for test automation and those that call for a combination of automated and manual testing.

Speaking of continuous testing, one of the key factors in CI/CD success it the selection of appropriate tools. Do you know what are some telling signals that your legacy test management tool needs to be retired? Read on to find out why and how you should move on to an Agile-friendly solution that brings your testing up to speed.

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