October 2021 Editorial

Deepak Parmar
October 21, 2021
Banner Editorial October 2021

Fall Season is here!

We’ve officially entered the last quarter of 2021 and what a year it has been so far! October brings warm colors, cool breezes and marks the beginning of multiple festivals and celebrations around the globe. As India celebrates the joyous Navratri festival, the West prepares for Halloween on October 30th.

Speaking of festivals, food is an essential component of celebrations. However, as COVID-19 restrictions continue around the world, people are relying on a seamless digital experience to order in and binge on their favorite dishes. For a good digital experience, businesses must provide better customer service and quick responses to customer requests. But better service requires faster applications, and faster applications require more testing. This is where QMetry comes in. QMetry is the best AI-enabled digital quality platform. It can help quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and fine – dining chains improve the quality of digital experiences by 30%. Here’s how we do it. One of the top 4 QSRs globally has modernized test management efforts with QMetry. The Fortune 500 company was looking for a QA ecosystem that would offer greater visibility, integration with automation tools, and better technical support. Download the case study to learn more about QMetry’s approach. Artificial intelligence has made a mark for itself in nearly every industry be it manufacturing, retail, energy, ecommerce, and others. Software testing is also utilizing AI to its advantage, although the adoption is still at an early stage. QMetry participated in a webinar conducted by TechWell where Chuck Davis of University of California – San Diego, a knowledgeable industry veteran and Deepak Parmar, Head of Marketing at QMetry discussed the opportunities and pain points of the software quality landscape and digital transformation through AI. Watch the on-demand web seminar here.

The Agile/DevOps model has been around for some time now. Yet it is not without its challenges. While the methodology streamlines project management, it is still struggling to foster collaboration and improve speed. Take this quiz on DevOps Testing to refresh your memory and help you overcome those stumbling blocks. Start the quiz here.

QMetry brings you the latest updates and happenings from the software testing domain. We strive to bring you authentic, in-depth, and thought leadership content. Best wishes for the holiday season and don’t stop testing!

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