New Release Announcement- QMetry Test Management Release v8.5.1

Disha Thakkar
April 2, 2019

QMetry is happy to announce that our new release QMetry v8.5.1 is now live for SaaS as well as on-premise clients. It contains the following features and improvements.

Test Suite Improvements

While linking test cases in the test suite, we have included easy to use filters containing the meaningful checkboxes

These filters are –

Show test cases which are linked with the Releases and Cycles as of this Test suite:

Show test cases which are not linked to any test suite of a selected Releases and Cycles:

The purpose is to identify uncovered test cases in particular release and cycle.

Use Case: There are more than thousand test cases in a cycle, QA Manager wants to find out test cases that are not linked to any test suite in a particular release and cycle. Checking each test case linkage is not feasible, hence, the manager wants a quick way to trace such test cases.

Hide test cases which are already linked to this Test suite:

The purpose is to hide test cases already linked to a test suite to avoid duplicate linkage of test cases. This prevents testers from linking the same test cases again to the test suite.

Use Case: When test cases are large in numbers, it is very inconvenient to remember which test cases are already linked to the test suite. Hence, testers need a way to hide already linked test cases.

  • Latest search filters will be preserved on link test case to test suite screen
  • Bulk sync test cases to their latest version on the execution screen

Automation Improvements

  • Reuse test cases based on test case key for TestNG framework.
  • Configure hierarchy of Test suites, Test case or Test case steps while importing automation results for TestNG and JUnit.

Report Improvements

  • Test suite execution summary report displays total number of platforms and test cases linked to a test suite.
  • Resolved issue verification report displays linkage hierarchy for issue linked at test case or test case step.
  • Visual Analytics: added column for reporter & created by for issues imported from Jira.

General Improvements

  • Test case description shall be auto added to Issue description when creating an Issue from the execution screen.
  • Choose folder while importing requirements from Jira.

In this newer version, it is mandatory to select a folder during Jira configuration to import requirements from Jira into QMetry. This gives user flexibility to select or create the folder of their choice in the QMetry while mapping requirements from Jira.

  • Integration support for Jira version 8.x.
  • Quick button to copy API key.
  • Test category is sorted alphabetically for easy assignment.
  • Sorting of Test assets will be preserved on all module grids.
  • Shared test cases will have details of test cases that are using it.

Use Case: A shareable test case is updated, but testers do not know which test cases will be impacted due to this change. Hence, the Test Case tab is added to help testers see the test cases in which shareable test cases are used.

  • Updates made to test case steps are preserved while creating a new version from the detail screen.

QMetry Test Management is a new generation tool that provides complete test management for Agile and DevOps teams with a range of modern features including seamless integrations, end-to-end project visibility, compliance and audit reporting, advanced analytics with custom and complex visual analysis.

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