July Newsletter Editorial

Deepak Parmar
July 10, 2018

Quality Assurance is integral to DevOps success. The essence of DevOps is to make both testing and development more collaborative and more quality conscious across the board with continuous testing and continuous delivery.

In the agile world, quality is indispensable at every step of the way whether it is to ensure seamless deployment of infrastructure and products, frequent code releases or real-time application updates. Through 2016 and 2017, there has been a rise in the number of enterprises adopting DevOps.

As now companies get more accustomed to this culture shift, they will really start pushing the boundaries of excellence. Digital transformation guru Jeff Sussna says, “The key to following the continuous delivery path is to continually question your own assumptions about what’s possible.”

Technology too plays an important role in DevOps success. Without the right tools for example, you can’t achieve continuous testing or continuous deployment.

Selecting the right tools that support your agile and DevOps practice, is crucial. New age test management tools offer much more than test authoring and execution. Get the lowdown on how to choose the best test management tool with our listing of the Top 5 Test Management tools.

If your teams use Jira for issue tracking and project management, then you must read our Top 5 picks of Test Management Tools inside Jira. And while you are reading up about the best tools and technology, it is a good idea to brush up on some theory, practical advice and expert lessons. Our blog post features some of the most popular reads on Software Testing in the Time of DevOps.

And last but not the least, find out how to develop the winning mindset to think like an Agile Tester. So catch up with all these recent blog posts and more research on blog and website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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