July 2021 Editorial

Deepak Parmar
July 20, 2021
Banner Editorial July 2021

Automation is the Future!

We’ve officially completed 6 months of 2021 and what a ride it has been so far! In the month of July, we are focussing on the importance of testing and how automation, when merged with it, can improve the efficiency and work of QA Teams. Today, testing is no longer a standalone activity, but an integral step in ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products. Bring in automation into the fold, and voila! The testing process becomes faster and smoother with fewer errors and repetitions. With this thought in mind, Ashish Katrekar, our (designation) talks about how QMetry Automation Studio speeds up continuous testing with test automation in his blog- “Automate testing to speed up releases – maximize quality with optimum efforts”.

The rise in digital transformation has led to the need for improved collaboration among DevOps and Testing teams, faster development, and release cycles. Legacy test management tools impede progress due to outdated interfaces, restricted browser support, frequent crashes, and lack of integration with CI/CD systems. They aren’t built for an Agile testing environment. There are countless reasons why businesses need to bid farewell to legacy test management tools in our blog- “What is legacy test management tool and why you need to replace it?”.

Migrating from legacy test management tools to modern enterprise test management tools can be a tedious endeavour. QMetry Test Management tool has its own migration utility to smoothen the transition from ALM tools like Microfocus Quality Center (HP QC). Enterprises like ABN AMRO increased ROI by 30% within 18 months by utilizing QMetry ALM to Jira Migration.

To further stress on the need for migration, we have the case study of a Fortune 500 Company who felt they were losing their competitive edge due to an existing ALM tool and were looking for a suitable alternative. Once they decided to migrate to QMetry Test Management tool, there was no looking back. The organization saved 30% overall costs with QMetry and migrated 56 projects in 25 days all on their own.

We strive to bring you the latest updates and trends in the field of DevOps and Testing. Our endeavour to provide insightful and though leadership content is aimed at bringing about a paradigm shift in the world of continuous testing.

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