Is Testing The Missing Link In Your Agile Journey?

Rupal Der
August 2, 2018

Agile and DevOps adoption rates have been steadily climbing over the past couple of years. But as Agile practices mature and become more mainstream, it is a prevalent fallacy to assume that a highly mature Agile model will be your key to success.

Essentially, Agile enables you to pivot quickly based on stakeholder feedback and customer requirements. It is driven by a short feedback loop where team members are on the same page and understand what’s going well, what’s not, and how to make it better.

But for this to happen, your testing needs to be truly Agile. Speed is of essence but paradoxically, getting the move on is difficult. And many times, it is QA and testing that cause various bottlenecks.

This is why, Agile testing practices are critical to deliver high quality products at the speed of Agile.

Continuous Agile Testing is the answer

Digital transformation today is by and large driven by customer experiences and expectations. Empowered customers today demand consistent, fast and high-quality experiences. And they want this instantly or the competition is just a click away.
Modern application delivery cycles have reduced dramatically, increasing the pressure on operations and delivery teams. Business requirements are highly dynamic and prone to frequent changes and updates.

Thus, testing capabilities need to be empowered to meet the modern delivery cadence. One aspect that organizations ignore is to connect their upstream and downstream Agile practices together. And here’s where Continuous Delivery and Testing come in. Continuous Testing is the focal point of the Agile downstream process. With the help of test automation, you get risk assessment as quickly as possible.

Here Continuous Testing’s primary goal is to assess business risk coverage and giving actionable insights as to the release readiness of a candidate in terms of risk.
Continuous Testing means testing should not be done in mini-waterfalls, making the quality team wait until the user stories are developed.

Instead, you need to integrate Continuous Testing into the delivery pipeline and DevOps toolchain. What you also need is a stable test environment, with valid data available for each test run. Execute the right tests at the opportune time in the delivery pipeline. Continuous Testing enables you to evaluate each layer of the architecture at the right stage in the CI/CD pipeline.

Test Management Strategy

Remember that for agility, testing has to be automated, be continuous, and happen early and often. But automation is not restricted to testing. It extends to continuous code integration and deployment. Your automation strategy needs to support continuous delivery. And this means hiring the right resources, to using the right tools that integrate with your toolchain, to an Agile infrastructure and environment.

Since Agile methodology is all about change there is continuous improvement. The frequent changes to code base can compromise test coverage or miss crucial areas. With the right kind of automation strategy and metrics, you can maintain traceability and test coverage across different artifacts.

Your test management strategy then needs to focus on reusability, traceability and efficiency to gain optimum coverage. Choosing the right test management tool can solve many of these complex Agile testing challenges at once.

For example, QMetry Test Management for Jira is designed for Agile and DevOps teams to run manual and automated test cases inside Jira. It helps develop that close feedback loop between Development, Testing and Operations with its comprehensive test management features. It is open to multiple integrations, provides easy traceability and reusability, offers cross project analytics and interactive dashboards. It can simplify and speed up your quality lifecycle with support for automation and CI/CD framework. You can also automate the documentation for exploratory testing efforts with easy recording and bug capturing features.

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