Introducing QQBOT: Your friendly neighbourhood tester

Jasmine Chokshi
July 18, 2019
QQBOT says hello

We are happy to announce the addition of QQBOT to the QMetry family. QQBOT is your friendly neighbourhood tester. He’s been there and done that and knows all the secrets of tester life.

QQBOT loves to challenge the status quo and share unique perspective on the ways of Quality in a fast-paced world. An interesting thought on Agile testing, a humorous take on product management or just plain ole BOT prudence.

And here’s a thought for today:

QQBOT says “Traditional mindsets are wilting – winners the ones who will challenge the status quo.”

In the face of rapidly evolution and transformation of business models, outsourced BPM operations are less about cost center management and more about revenue generation. It is easy to prioritize quantity for quality. Rule based and processes are making way for intuition and judgement.

The question QQBOT asks is whether we are challenging the status quo in our products and services? Can we revamp the model and focus on better outcomes for our customers? This is ultimately the smarter way to beat your competition.

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