Implementing Test Management Tool – Key lessons learned from Fortune 500 companies

Deepak Parmar
December 16, 2021
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You may want to argue that testing is testing, whether it’s testing for enterprises or startups. And so, there is nothing different in implementing test management tools for enterprises or mid-sized organizations. However, if you think deep, you will realize that there are some key differences. Enterprises usually have large teams that are globally dispersed, often working in silos. So, you need to work with each team differently. It is more like working with different startups at the same time.

And apart from the size and complexities in an enterprise ecosystem, there needs to be a radical shift in the mindset of people to embrace a change or a new test management tool. After helping 25+ Fortune 500 companies successfully implement, migrate, and embrace modern and intuitive Test Management tool, we have garnered some valuable insights. We have put our learnings into this blog post. If you’re an enterprise contemplating Test Management tool implementation for a long time, you will find this post informative.

Ensure a smooth transition from the existing tool

Although enterprises recognize the need and urgency to replace their old legacy test tools, the biggest roadblock has been moving away from the existing setup and mindset. The challenge of migrating the huge chunk of data from the past many years, the comfort and proficiency of people using the existing tools, the dependency on a homegrown framework are some of the key areas of concern for most enterprise agile testing teams.

We at QMetry understand and acknowledge this challenge and hence offer solutions that provide support at every front. So, when one of our clients – NextEra Energy, a Fortune 200 US-based energy company, reached out to us with a similar challenge, our solution was an Agile and DevOps ready test management product that fitted their bill perfectly. NextEra Energy wanted to replace IBM Rational with a modern test management tool. The onboarding to QMetry was quick with our support team’s training and jumpstart sessions that enabled the client teams to adapt its Agile and Waterfall processes. Our partner company built the POC to demonstrate multi-process and cross-functional integrations in QMetry. They implemented QMetry agile and DevOps ready Test Management tool. Apart from help with the initial project setup, our support team also provided extensive training and assistance with the visual analytics and reporting. All these efforts ensured a smooth transition to QMetry.

Treat each team as an individual startup

The striking difference between Testing for Enterprises and testing for startups is that you work with a single testing team in startups. But in Enterprises, there are multiple teams that are dispersed across the globe. Each of the team, work differently and have different priorities. So, it is essential for testing platforms like QMetry to offer flexibility and treat each group based on their requirement and processes.

When one of the Fortune 500 technology companies wanted to increase their ROI, we recognized their most significant hurdle was managing multiple projects on multiple environments. They also wanted bulk operations apart from integration with Jira and better visibility of their project status.

We designed a solution by selective sharing of test cases with multiple vendors for greater control over access and permissions. Our tool’s built-in parent-child feature lets the client share a read-only view of test cases as applicable. Also, the traceability feature at the global level helped track the usage and performance of test cases at multiple vendor points. Features like bulk executions, bulk assignments enable performing multiple operations quickly and easily. The “Manage Platforms and Attributes” module led to the efficient management of many environmental matrices.

QMetry’s secure and scalable solution has been instrumental in optimizing 50+ test projects for 1000+ users across multiple regions for 5+ years now. Stakeholders extensively used the cross-project reporting feature to take appropriate decisions on traceability, exporting 500+ reports daily. You can read the complete case study.

Support for integrating with multiple tools

Enterprises usually work on different technologies and tools stacks. As we know, it is extremely hard and challenging to integrate different tool stacks to integrate in the legacy test management tools. As a result, there is a significant delay in the whole process, testing is not streamlined, and reports are not real-time. QMetry’s open API allows seamless integration with multiple tools facilitating the seamless digital transformation of enterprises.

Test Automation support

One of the biggest challenges for enterprises is managing hundreds of test cases when it comes to testing. Enterprises work as multiple small Agile teams, and each team might be working on several test cases. Apart from the open-source test automation framework like Selenium, TestNG, etc., enterprises also work with several in-house test automation tools. QMetry understands this and offers innovative and intuitive test management solutions for Enterprises. This enables you to integrate your in-house test automation tools seamlessly through QMetry’s open APIs.

Local partner support

Enterprises usually partner with local vendors and SIs who help them procure and decide the right tool for their teams/organization. So, when our client, ABN AMRO’s QA team, was looking for the best Test Management tool to support their continuous testing lifecycle and replace HP ALM, QMetry took a unique approach. We organized a Hackathon at the ABN AMRO headquarters in Amsterdam for their Agile teams, wherein ABN AMRO invited their internal teams and teams from Capgemini, Infosys, and TCS. More than 350 test engineers participated, and based on their feedback, QMetry Test Management was selected as the top tool of choice. QMetry reached out to Infosys and Capgemini as they were the leading vendors providing software testing services for the partnership.

We developed a strategic alliance with them. Infosys played a vital role in developing this relationship with ABN AMRO and validating QMetry’s product and potential for digital quality assurance. Infosys provided thought leadership at ABM AMRO and enabled the decision by showcasing that their team members were already certified in QMetry and ready to get on board quickly. Also, since Infosys was able to host several other tools for ABN AMRO in the cloud, they recommended QMetry’s cloud hosting solution for ABN.

Our key learnings

The thought of migrating to a new test management tool can be cumbersome and fraught with cultural and technological challenges for enterprises. It is a huge decision for decision makers because it involves some major challenges. We recognize these challenges, and we thrive at collaborating with individual teams and offer customized solutions so that you can move faster and test across multiple environments with ease.

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