Hire for Attitude: But Train for Skill

Jyotirmoy Nath
December 4, 2018

One emerging challenge in the digital economy is finding the right people
for the role. We are well past the days of conventional recruitment. Where
candidates would send in their CVs, interview for the position and the ones
that fit the profile, got the job.

In the conventional Q and A, or interrogative style of recruitment, the
search was on for the most ‘skilled’ person for the role.

However, as the businesses race ahead in their digital transformation
journey, recruiters, hiring managers and HR experts have often find this
formula is flawed.

Skill doesn’t necessarily equate professional success. And therefore, the
popular dictum of ‘Hire for Attitude, And Train for Skill’ that hiring
experts vouch for.

At QMetry, we are interested in ideas and thoughts on collaboration,
teamwork and the future of the workforce. Recently, we came across this
interesting blog post by our partner – Clearvision that talks about

what should you hire for?

Attitude vs Skill: What matters more?

The blog post talks about how emotional Intelligence is an important and
often missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that is workplace success. Did you
know that
only 19 % of your new hires will be successful in

the long run? And even among these, about 89% lose their job because of
attitude or personality traits.

The argument here is that subtle cues and Emotional Quotient (EQ) factors
along with technical competence play their part in professional success.
That is not to say you should ignore experience or technical competence,
but also focus on the subtle cues and EQ factors that play their part in
success or failure.

But, what find the right candidate that is culturally perfect – but, one
lacking in specific skills. Or – worse still – what if your
mission-critical project calls for no time to onboard, upskill and train

The blog post explains in detail how you can hire for attitude and still
get technical competence. Interested to find out how? Read the full blog
post here:

Our partner, Clearvision is a
software services and development company that helps organizations implement
agile transformation with consultancy, implementation, training and
support. QMetry’s partnership with
ClearVision complements their overall DevOps/Agile services by adding our
testing suite and QA solutions.

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