Enhance Test Management with Traceability in Jira

Jasmine Chokshi
July 3, 2020

As remote work picks up and Agile teams collaborate virtually, there is greater emphasis on using the right tools in the right way to optimize communication and transparency. Many teams use Jira for project, task management or requirements management. Jira is a popular tool within the Agile community because it enables agile-based projects whatever be your choice of methodology, Lean, Kanban or Scrum.

You can extend the use of Jira further for test management and reporting on quality/project status using tools like QTM4J. However, requirements traceability is an integral part of software development lifecycle as it helps users to trace tests forward and backwards and keeps all team members in sync.

In fact, the overall costs and project scope can be kept in check by avoiding extra code or redundant test cases that are not specified in the requirements, if you have requirements traceability.

Here’s how you can implement traceability inside Jira using QTM4J.

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Story Traceability

Users can trace the linkage of stories with a test case by viewing which Jira stories are linked to an asset. To do this, they need to open the test case detail page in QTM4J and go to the Story tab. The story tab shows a list of the stories to which the current test case is linked. One can also select a particular version from the dropdown to view the linkages with stories. Using the Jira issue page, testers can associate the test case to the relevant Story and if needed also link or unlink the stories from the story tab for a test case detail page. Users can link either a single test case to story from the page or multiple test cases with the bulk operations feature on the test case list view.

Traceability Reports

Traceability Reports in QTM4J are designed to enable testers to establish a relationship among requirements, test cases, test cycles and defects. Take any specific test artefact and discover the web of its relationship with other artefacts. QMetry’s Traceability Reports enable users to understand the hierarchy of issues and flexibility to drill down to the level for details along with organized and detailed information.

By using traceability reports, agile teams can manage the quality of their projects more efficiently as managers and team leads can understand if the requirements are covered. This eliminates the chances of poorly maintained test libraries and one can anticipate and deal with changes int the requirements. One can also ensure that changes are replicated across linked test cases.

QMetry Test Management for Jira offers many useful reports across projects and dashboards to monitor coverage, progress and the overall status of testing inside Jira.

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