Editorial “To new beginnings”

Deepak Parmar
January 24, 2019

Test smarter, not harder seems to be the new motto that organizations across the world are embracing as we step into 2019. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the adoption of intelligent test automation, the role of quality has seen a dramatic shift in the past couple of years. 2019 promises to enable more of these technologies and trends in software testing.

Our blog post on software testing trends in 2019 talks about these trends at length. Learn how AI, ML, DevOps and the Internet of Things stay current and relevant topics of conversation in 2019. Find out what tools and expertise is required to tackle these trends.

And while trends may come and go, some truths are universal. Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation says: “Application leaders must support their teams in integrating and effectively utilizing test automation tools in their DevOps toolchain, to enable continuous delivery.”

The ROI of test automation and its implementation both have proved to be challenging for organizations. Are you on the right path to automation success? Our blog post on 6 questions that define automation success asks some tough questions that can set you thinking in the right direction.

Last but not the least, we end the newsletter with a sweet release update. QTM v8.5 released right in time for the new year, brings many new features and improvements with it. For instance, you can integrate multiple Jira projects in a single QMetry project. We have also simplified mapping of Jira custom fields with QMetry requirements and issues. We have also deprecated some redundant features. Find out more in this post.

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