October Editorial 2019

Deepak Parmar
October 10, 2019
QMetry October Editorial

Software testing as a function faces dramatic changes as businesses adopt iterative and incremental development. Quality Analysts and testers are no longer the sole authorities of software quality. With concepts like shift left, shift right and continuous testing shaking up the status quo, many organizations are unprepared for the evolving job roles and software culture.

Need for Continuous Testing in the DevOps Era

As many organizations struggle with implementation of CI/CD and test orchestration, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on The Need for Continuous Testing in the DevOps era. This whitepaper has extensive information and research on why and where businesses fail to implement and how they can achieve their DevOps ideals with the right tools and processes.

Notes from STARWEST 2019

Continuous Testing, DevOps and automation were some of the recurrent themes at the STARWEST 2019 conference that we are just back from. In case, you missed it, here are the event highlights for you.

Our interactions with industry peers, clients and prospects often brings to us sector specific test management insights. One area where digital transformation has broken all speed records is the BFSI sector. The latest in our series of blog posts that talk about testing transformation in BFSI is a comprehensive guide that covers the subject in depth.

Integrating Test Automation with Jira

Ever wondered how you can integrate your automated testing results inside Jira to make the best of both worlds? Our blog post here helps you to understand how best you can leverage the power of test automation inside Jira. This combination helps you get a powerful integration of test features and functions that review and validate any project tracked inside Jira.

In other QMetry news, we have recently released v8.5.4 for QMetry Test Management. Read more about the improvements in this blog post. You could also sign up for a free trial here.

Last but not the least, we would love to hear from you. Is there a specific subject that you want specific information or resources on? Let us know your views in the comments section, below.

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