Editorial May – 2019

Deepak Parmar
May 20, 2019

Just as using a paintbrush doesn’t make you an artist, writing code doesn’t make one an engineer.” An interesting perspective shared at STAREAST 2019. We are back after a busy conference and expo season after Atlassian Summit, SauceCon 2019 and STAREAST 2019. It was an eventful time to say the least and we had fun interacting with all the delegate and customers at these conferences.

If you had registered for a free evaluation of QMetry Automation Studio at any of our booths, remember that you qualify for a great discount if you sign up within 90 days of registration.

Recently, we came across an interesting blog post by Jitesh Gosai on Test Automation: Prevention or Cure? Gosai is principal tester within the BBC’s TV & Radio department and provides some interesting insight in this article ranging from the pitfalls of automated UI testing, benefits of breaking work up to smaller batches for faster release and the advantages of exploratory testing on automation.

QMetry has always been a proponent of exploratory testing. Read how you can execute Exploratory Testing with QMetry in this article.

When it comes to software testing trends, there is much discussion around the relevance of QA and QA teams in an Agile and DevOps practice. Traditional software testing as we know it has probably lost its place. Read how the QA role has evolved and reinvented itself in the face of this new paradigm.

What happens when test management features are added to a tool as an afterthought? Is your tool DevTestOps ready? Find out what are the essential features you need in a test management tool.

Speaking of which, DevOps teams use a range of tools and products to build their continuous delivery pipeline. We have compiled a list of the must-have tools for DevOps team in 2019. Happy Reading!

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