March 2021 Editorial

Deepak Parmar
March 10, 2021
Banner Editorial March 2021

QQBot says: “Agitator, Innovator, and Orchestrator are the main ingredients for a sustained change.”

If there is one reality that connects our work, family, business, social and technology spaces is constant change. When it comes to business, the three main drivers for change are Agitation, Innovation and Orchestration.

An Agitator is a challenger to the status quo initiates a change that necessitates Innovation ultimately resulting in finding new solution.

An Innovator is the person who does things differently and constantly disrupts the boundaries of the old order of things.

The Orchestrator is someone who coordinates these actions across groups, organizations and sectors to scale the solution and supports the innovation.

At QMetry, we believe in celebrating change and building an environment that facilitates change. Our newsletter this month focuses on the many ways in which you can transition and transform to bring about change. Whether it is an organizational level or at a technology level, transitions are never easy.

Our blog on managing quality led digital transformation talks about testing transformation with the help of people, processes and tools to implement mindset and culture change.

On a similar note, our sketchnote on Time to modernize your Test Management tool by Tanmay Vora, talks about the need for processes to evolve at the pace of change to remain relevant and effective. How can organizations modernize their test management to improve agility without compromising on speed? Find out in this sketchnote.

Migrating from an old or a sluggish test management tool, is also one of the keys to modernize and bring agility to your workflow. Find out how QMetry makes it easy for you to transition from existing tools and migrate to a modern, Agile tool like QMetry Test Management for Jira.

The need for speed is also something that drives organizations to adopt Test Automation. But how do you know if your automation investment is worth it? In this blog post, we list the three most important parameters that help you judge the ROI of your test automation tools.

Happy calculating!

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