February Editorial

Deepak Parmar
February 13, 2020
QMetry Editorial February 2020

Many of us are guilty of missing the forest for the trees in our mad race for agility and speed. A major shortcoming of larger software companies is lack of a holistic and comprehensive test strategy across the customer journey. If you are always worried about getting the next story out the door, then you need to challenge your way of thinking and focus on the big picture. Ultimately the customer doesn’t care about that one story but a cohesive customer journey.

Easier said than done? Our upcoming webinar where Deepak Parmar and Harshal Vora discuss precisely this in the context of banking transformation. How can banks achieve both speed and quality without missing the big picture?

With QMetry’s continued collaboration with the banking and healthcare sector, we are well-positioned to address some of the common challenges with our tailormade solutions. Our whitepaper on Continuous Testing for the Banking and Financial Services sector offers many such insights and customer success stories.

In other news, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Mexico-based EnevaSys, which is an Atlassian Platinum Solutions company. QMetry is continuously striving to serve our global customer base better with our tools, resources and now a fast-expanding partner network that is aligned with our vision of providing better quality software faster. Watch this space for more exciting news in future.

We are also happy to share the latest release of QTM4J v4.0.6 for our cloud customers with new features and improvements. Find out more about this build in our blog.

And saving the best for the last, we have recently published a detailed Exploratory Testing Guide on the Atlassian CI/CD page. In this resource, we discuss the ideal use cases for exploratory testing, whom does it benefit the most and how teams can automate the documentation of exploratory testing.

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