December Editorial 2019

Deepak Parmar
December 12, 2019
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It is that time of the year again. When we take pause to reflect, remember and celebrate the year that was. 2019 has been a significant year for the software testing and QA domain with continuous testing, test automation and intelligent test automation being the dominant themes. As the year draws to a close, we bring some special offers, highlights and our personal best of 2019.

But first some holiday cheer we’d like to share. Early birds who register by 25 December can avail this special holiday discount on QTM4J with up to 20% off on Server and Data Center. Register here.

Agile teams across the world use Jira to track issues, tasks and bugs. There is a marked preference for the one-tool experience in the Agile community and most would like to manage their QA function inside Jira. One of our most widely read and shared blog posts of 2019, shows you just how you can use Jira for test management.

Much of the conversation in 2019 was focused around Continuous Testing, Test Automation, DevOps and the quality challenges of modern QA teams. One of our top downloads this year is a whitepaper on The Need for Continuous Testing in the DevOps era. Do read it here if you haven’t already.

When it comes to application delivery, a common tradeoff that organizations practice is between speed and quality. Many companies have started moving from legacy and ALM tools to modern test management solutions to maintain the balance between speed and quality. Read how QMetry’s proven migration process enables you to achieve this in our factsheet.

In 2019, QMetry launched many firsts. Among these is our mascot QQBOT who has all the wisdom and answers on tricky topics in Agile, Software Testing, DevOps and Digital Transformation. Sample this gem: QQBOT Says: We not only need ethically accountable Developers for AI applications, but we also need AI in today’s application that is explainable, controllable and auditable.

Similarly, we also launched QMetry Quality Boards where our product specialists and technical experts walk you through the common challenges in QA life with a whiteboarding session.

One of our most popular initiatives, however, is the Software Testing Quiz that tests enthusiasts on burning topics in the QA community.

“Is conventional QA already dead?” This is a question that haunts the software testing world with the increase in adoption of test automation. Our blog post “Who killed QA? The curious case of testing in an Agile era” clears the mis-information on the role and importance of QA in the age of automation.

And finally, a round-up of the top test management tools of 2019 because we love lists. FInd some FAQs answered and see what tools have made the list.

As we inch closer to 2020, QMetry has plans for some bigger and better news. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in 2020. Until then, Happy Holidays.

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