Editorial August 2019

Deepak Parmar
August 14, 2019

Software Quality issues are not just for Boeing CIOs. The world runs on software. And a quality oversight is expensive in many ways.

When we think of massive software quality glitches, we think of the more obvious and deadly examples that lead to fatal errors, such as in the aviation industry. Yet, the all pervasiveness of software means we can’t afford to lose sight of quality ever. Our reliance on software is scary but inevitable and as software enables some of the most important, mundane and life-critical applications, quality demands more attention.

How can organizations then prepare themselves for the ever-evolving challenges of building quality software in a fast-paced world? Instead of jumping mindlessly into the race of acquiring the latest tools and processes, it helps to take stock of your sector’s unique challenges, your current practices and how you can make the most of both legacy practices and modern tooling for QA. Our whitepaper on the role of tools in your digital transformation journey takes a closer look at this paradigm.

QMetry Test Management Product Walkthrough

And speaking of modern and Agile QA tools, we would love for you to join us on the 21st of this month to view a live demo of QMetry Test Management. In this demo you will learn how to create, organize and reuse test cases with QMetry, customize the tool for your specific needs, integrate with tools like Jira, Jenkins, Bamboo and various automation platforms, improve traceability and eliminate duplicate tasks. In short, it offers you insights on how best you can leverage our tool to speed up your productivity and quality initiatives.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull tester! Test your automation testing prowess in our latest QMetry’s Quality Quiz. This time the focus of our quality quiz is test automation. Have a go!

In other news, we are happy to announce that we have released QMetry Test Management v8.5.3 with major updates and enhancements. Find out what improvements you can expect here.

All about Regression Testing

They say that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. And they are right. Regression Testing is an integral part of your overall test strategy. In our latest blog post, we analyze how defining your regression test strategy can help you deliver a quality product on time.

Last but not the least, we appreciate all the feedback and reviews we have received from our clients recently. We encourage you to continue sharing your reviews for our products.

Please share your views on QMetry Test Management and QTM4J so that we remain focused on serving your needs faster.

Until next time, Happy Testing!

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