April Editorial

Deepak Parmar
April 13, 2020
Banner Editorial April 2020

Working from home is the new normal, perhaps even the future of work. Our newsletter this time celebrates remote culture and collaboration and focuses on the positives in these grim times. From increasing productivity of your DevOps teams to making the most of tools you have to efficiency hacks, we bring you a range of resources that enable you to stay on track, stay disciplined and thrive at home.

An interesting facet of this new normal is that a lot of us are spending quantity- time with our family and discovering new facets of their personality as we witness their work/student personas in action. Many of us are seeing our spouses/children in work or student mode first-hand and there are many surprises and lessons in here. Rutesh Shah, CEO of Infostretch has an interesting take on this in his recent blog post What My Generation Z Kids Taught Me About The Digital Economy.

At QMetry, our teams practice Agile and DevOps approaches and the lockdown threw a spanner in the works temporarily. But we emerged wiser through this crisis and share how you can make the most of the tools, technology and SaaS based solutions to implement a flawless CI/CD experience.

When most of your team members are working from home, you need to employ some productivity hacks to keep the ball rolling. In this blog post, we discuss how teams familiar with Jira and the Atlassian ecosystem can make the most of this tool for test management.

Our QA expert Sameer Gosai has some interesting insights to share as he grapples with the news of a 21-day lockdown in India. The lockdown meant that all our testers were now working from home. Read on how Gosai shares his remote testing experience and shares tips and advice on managing remote teams.

Discipline is the key word when it comes to managing work from home. But Kinjan Shah, Principal Architect at Infostretch talks about other skills necessary to survive in these turbulent times. Find out what proactive measure and cross-skilling can do for your career when there is no certainty.

Finally, all our teams at QMetry are working safely from their homes and taking this time to improve their skills, whether it is communication skills or taking up new free courses online.

We hope you are well and staying safe. Remember, we are in this together.

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