Coming soon: QQBOT inside your favorite test management tool

Punit Samtani
December 16, 2020

Introducing QQBOT

Last year we introduced a new addition, QQBOT to the QMetry family. QQBOT is more than a mascot. He guides team QMetry and our users by talking about best practices, testing culture, Continuous Testing and shares many nuggets of work-life wisdom.

We are happy to announce our upcoming release of QMetry Test Management that takes QQBOT to the next level. With our latest version of QMetry Test Management, QQBOT is an integral part of the product too.

In this update, QMetry brings in the power of AI by introducing QQBOT in product. QQBOT will help you optimize your testing by identifying duplicate test assets along with the matching percentages. It will help you make your testing efficient by eliminating the duplicate test assets and thereby increase the reusability.

This is just a glimpse of some fundamental use cases where QQBOT will help our users extensively. There’s much more in store where QQBOT and intelligent test management is concerned. We will be sharing some more exciting features in our upcoming releases where QQBOT leverages AI/ML technology to make your testing smarter and more efficient.

NLS (National Language Support)

Quality is a global phenomenon. Then why should test management tools restrict their international users by withholding language support? When testers and users of these tools are more comfortable working in their native language, it is only natural for us to provide a solution that’s intuitive.

With 1000+ customers across the globe, QMetry’s user base is truly international. With our upcoming release, we introduce National Language Support as part of QMetry’s architecture. Beginning with language support for Spanish speakers, we will continue to provide more support for speakers of other international languages. This feature will be extended to other regions and languages by demand.

Integration with Rally and Azure

With our upcoming release, we will extend our integration support to other Project and Defect Management tools such as Rally and Azure. Azure and Rally do provide test management capabilities. However, these capabilities are very basic and offer limited features only.

With QMetry – Rally and QMetry – Azure integrations, users of Rally and Azure will be able to extend their test case management capabilities. One of the biggest benefits of this integration will be that Rally and Azure users will now be able to access the comprehensive reporting module of QMetry which provides around 140 reports along with advanced SQL query-based reporting. Currently there are not many Test Management Tools that offer readily available integration with Rally and Azure. And within QMetry this will be a ready to use integration.

Exploratory Testing Add-on for Firefox

Team QMetry is working for providing multi-platform support for Exploratory Testing. Till now our users were enjoying Exploratory Testing features as an add-on in Chrome browser. Now with the new release, we are introducing the Exploratory Testing Add-on for Firefox browser too with all its capabilities and features.

QQBOT is excited to be an intrinsic part of your test management journey beginning 2021. We are optimistic that the new features will make your test management journey leaner, smarter, more efficient and intuitive. We will soon be sharing a detailed announcement of the new update along with release notes.

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