August 2021 Editorial

Deepak Parmar
August 24, 2021
Banner Editorial August 2021

There’s no Testing Without Test Management

We are approaching the end of August and our world has seen some big events so far. A big earthquake in Haiti, the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, speeding global warming effects across the world, and Coronavirus in hyper-release cycle mode releasing different variants at speed. Vaccines need an additional release (the booster shot) as well. As we adapt to these rapid changes, the need for faster response is becoming critical for not just growth but survival. Now add quality to this mix. While the demand is to deliver at speed, quality failure is also not an option. Think Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine debacle in the USA.

Digital transformation has been the saviour that has enabled businesses, governments, and non-profits to deliver services at speed overcoming the challenges of social distancing created by COVID-19. It has accelerated the adoption of ‘cool’ technologies like AI and ML, and automation. Software testing being the key for delivering quality has also adopted AI/ML to streamline the development and testing lifecycle of applications aiding better test coverage, visibility, ready access to actionable insights, and optimized test planning and authoring through codeless automation, reusability, and effort optimization. Beginning with all things testing, the key to following a successful software testing process is having reliable test management software. Enterprise test management software offer the best of both worlds – it organizes and manages testing activities to accelerate the process increases visibility, ensures control to promote faster time-to-market. So, you get Quality with Speed. The importance of test management tools is in their ability to enable collaboration, provide structure, promote accountability, track progress, generate insights, and offer central repository to all team members globally. However, being aware of the benefits of test management is first step. Knowing the key features, and result metrics, teams can take choose the right tools. You can know about them in our blog “Test Management- All You Need to Know”.

With shrinking sprints and release cycles, optimization and efficiency are two cornerstones for successfully delivering on the quality promise. Smart reusability of test assets as part of the test creation process can offer continuous test project optimization and enhance speed. Find out more on how to reuse test assets in this informative blog by Punit Samtani titled “How you can reuse test assets by leveraging features of QMetry?”

We know that migrating out of legacy ALM tool to an agile test management tool is a stressful process. Why not learn from the teams who did it successfully? Learn from a Fortune 500 company that felt it was losing its competitive edge as a result of an existing ALM tool and was looking for a better replacement. By migrating to QMetry Test Management tool, they saved 30% on overall costs and migrated 56 projects in 25 days on their own.

Our aim is to bring you the latest happenings and updates in the testing world. Through insightful and thought leadership content, we endeavour to challenge traditional testing ideas, introduce fresh perspectives to improve testing and QA processes.

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