April 2021 Editorial

Deepak Parmar
April 22, 2021
Banner Editorial April 2021

Cost efficiency is one of the first things that organizations think of when they consider the adoption of test automation. Yet, when it comes to measuring the impact and savings, many organizations don’t have the right approach.

Our test automation ROI calculator helps you to assess how profitable you are, when can you achieve breakeven and the three most important parameters for test automation success. These are speed, quality and cost. You can try it out here.

About reducing costs and increasing efficiency, an exercise that every team must take is to analyze the quality of their software. What is the cost of good quality software versus poor quality software? What factors do you take into consideration when calculating the costs? Find out more in this blog.

Similarly, to get the optimum efficiency out of your test automation efforts, create a strategy and align it to your organizational needs. Our test automation strategy checklist covers it all.

Last but not least, QMetry has formally announced a strategic partnership with LambdaTest. LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross browser testing platform that helps both manual and automated browser compatibility testing. The partnership and integration empower both QMetry and LambdaTest users with extended features and capabilities. QMetry users will be able to run tests on 2000+ browsers & OS right from their browsers and LambdaTest customers can utilize a comprehensive test automation solution that is QMetry Automation Studio (QAS). Read more about this here.

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