An Insightful Chat on Agile Testing at Test Focus Groups

Deepak Parmar
November 21, 2017

Been thinking about your Agile Testing engine lately? You are not alone! As organizations navigate through their digital transformation journeys, they quickly realize the importance of staying updated with the latest processes and technology.

Where do you stand with Agile Testing?

With current Agile approach to software development; the demand on testing also being agile is very high.  With multiple and frequent sprints; the major requirement on testing organizations is to deliver the quality faster and better.

However, implementing Agile Testing is not always as intuitive as it may appear. Culture transition can become a challenge as traditional operations might refuse to release cycles which are less than perfect. In addition, relying on legacy tools might slow the process down by following not-so-efficient methodologies.

At TEST Focus Groups, QMetry will be hosting one syndicate room to discuss Agile Testing with top industry representatives. During the sessions, QMetry will demonstrate how the ‘Shift Left’ approach helps in achieving this by improving the software quality very early in development lifecycle thus resulting in achieving overall quality goals faster.

During each session, participants will have the opportunity to really get inside the minds of their peers and understand the varying viewpoints and challenges to implement a successful transition.

Learn more about Shift Left and QMetry by clicking here, and stay tuned for our follow-up blog in which we will cover the highlights and the take-aways of the event.

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