All you need to know about Continuous Testing in 2019

Disha Thakkar
April 2, 2019

Continuous Testing has been trending continuously for the past 3 years. Forrester Research has widely recognized it in their evaluation and called it the ‘cornerstone’ of DevOps, whereas Gartner finds it a critical capability for Software Test Automation.

And because Continuous Testing is seen as a great enabler for DevOps and digital transformation, it is here to stay. We have compiled a list of top resources that can help you navigate the path of continuous testing.

1. QMetry’s Continuous Testing Guide

How did Continuous Testing come about? What are the differences between continuous testing and test automation? What do you need to get started? Find out answers to some of these questions here.

2. New Trends in Agile Test Management

Going Agile and being Agile are two different stories. Organizations face a number of implementation challenges when embracing the DevOps way. This webinar discusses the new trends in Agile Test Management and how CT is the missing link for Continuous Delivery.

3. Shift-Left Continuous Testing: Eliminating Risk Through Agile Testing Practices

What do you get when you combine shift-left testing and continuous testing? You get shift-left continuous testing, of course. Read more about how this combined concept can help automation and increase coverage.

4. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Testing and QA

Infostretch surveyed QA and test professionals and executives in the US and UK about the impact of digital transformation on their enterprise software testing/QA efforts. These results shed light on some key challenges and opportunities they face as they revamp their approach to QA with the shifting landscape.

5. Shift Left and Shift Right in Software Testing

Two concepts that gained prominence in the past couple of years. Shift Left shifts the process to the left of the development phase. This means that testing begins right at the start of development cycle and is implemented throughout. Shift Right ensures product stability and perfect usability by testing in production.

6. Continuous Testing: What It Is and Why You Need It

In an era dominated by agile and DevOps initiatives, a “continuous improvement” mindset is the common denominator of success. But how do you take that same mindset and apply it to testing? You do it through Continuous Testing.

7. Continuous Testing in DevOps

Learn about CT and the Continuous Testing Pipeline in detail in this blog as it discusses in detail, the process, the tools, framework and requirements.

8. Strive to Be Better Every Day with Continuous Testing

With software quality and development methodologies evolving, doing nothing isn’t an option. See how implementing continuous testing can mean continuous improvement.

9. Software Testing Trends to Look For in 2019

The trends that dominate the software testing space this year, include DevOps-led Digital transformation and Continuous Testing. Read about some of the broader areas of application in this blog.

10. Top 58 World Continuous Testing Leaders and Software Testing Blogs to Follow

We end our list with a listicle that brings you the best from the world of Continuous Testing and Software Testing blogs.

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