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Jasmine Chokshi
January 28, 2020

QMetry has always been a strong advocate for Exploratory Testing. If you are not sure what exploratory testing means, it is a testing approach that allows teams to explore an application in an unscripted or intuitive way, rather than a scripted step-by-step approach.

In a nutshell, exploratory testing emphasizes the tester’s freedom, creativity and skill like other Agile practices.

The origins of Exploratory testing lie in the context-driven school of thought and QMetry has witnessed its benefits first-hand. Using our built-in module for exploratory testing, users of QMetry Test Management and QTM4J can benefit from automated test case documentation while they explore the apps.

Using a tool that empowers the tester to explore without having to document or take notes at the same time, testers find it easier to follow their own path of exploration. The unscripted nature of exploratory testing enables it to reveal bugs that would go undiscovered during structured phase of testing.

With exploratory testing, testers can play around with a user story that follows a certain sequence. Testers can annotate defects, add assertions and voice memos, and create documentation on the fly. This is how a user story is converted into a test case. This information can also be used for QA.

It is our firm belief that exploratory testing helps teams weed out those tricky edge cases that lead to expensive software failures. To understand more about exploratory testing, why it is important and how a company can benefit from implementing it, know more on the Atlassian CI/CD page.

This detailed guide on Exploratory Testing by Deepak Parmar of QMetry discusses:

  • What is Exploratory Testing?
  • History of Exploratory Testing
  • Why use Exploratory Testing?
  • Ideal use cases
  • When Exploratory Testing is not ideal
  • Challenges of exploratory testing
  • Importance of exploratory testing for CI/CD

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