Agile testing can drive continuous delivery

Agile Testing Paradigms and Tools That Can Drive Continuous QA and Delivery for Your DevOps Teams

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Digital age is here and transformation is a necessity for most organizations! In my previous blog, I had talked about three important intersections between digital transformation and enterprise quality. The three intersections were – driving more automation, bringing more intelligence in test management, and integrating seamlessly to support the needs of the IoT world.

Digital transformation has created a new enterprise software economy. Studies have shown the need to retune IT initiatives to rope in agility in mindset and automation in operation to build and test cheaper, better and faster software.

This agility would mean changing the mindset and incumbent processes. Test automation would necessitate bringing in new tool stacks and methodologies. Tools that would seamlessly integrate with legacy and provide an environment to drive more automation and empower development and testing teams to work in parallel. This new generation automation would also enable DevOps world to ensure continuity.

But how do you drive all this agility and continuity in software from a quality angle? What are some of the key ideologies, methodologies and technology/tool stacks that need to be in your bag to support this effort?  This is where we talk in terms of the three pillars of strength in quality with our open quality platform to address the testing challenges in software.

First, is a powerful and open test management tool or a platform that helps to house and manage all your test history, and integrate with your legacy defect tracking, automation and other agile tools. QMetry has designed this new generation open platform and created a test manager just for this. QMetry also offers a Jira add-on of this test manager which actually sits inside Jira and enables test management and test automation activities seamlessly for Jira users. If you’d like to play with it – go ahead, try it out.

Second, is an automation ecosystem that will help to make the ‘shift left’ movement a lot easier by bringing in economies via automation. QMetry presents the Automation Studio and Open Automation Framework to drive this. The automation studio offers test automation for web, mobile and web services with ready-made components or test assets. It also offers integrations with major CI/CD stacks including Jenkins, HP ALM etc.

The Automation Studio offers a new approach to testing with reusable test assets, unified scripting techniques across platforms and a data driven testing approach. QMetry also offers an automation framework to develop a repeatable and efficient test environment with pre-built integrations into other open source tools such as Cucumber, Appium and Selenium, test management tools, CI/CD tools and mobile device labs.

Third of course, is our focus on Intelligence and analytics as the last mile which ties in all of these efforts with cohesive and comprehensive reports. Whether it’s automated or manual testing, you will need feedback to fine tune your efforts and make it more applicable to improve quality. QMetry offers Wisdom that drives recommendations and actions based on all the data that’s churned so you can get desired quality for your software.

All of this comes together in what we call the QMetry Open Platform. And, if you are interested in learning about this in more detail, please connect with us.

Since there are so many product suits under one hood, we decided to do a webinar on this topic to talk about some of the best practices and tool kits that you can adopt to adapt and be in the know on how QMetry’s Open Platform plays in.

In this webinar which is happening on Thursday, November 17th, at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST, we’ll talk about:

  1. Why do you need to transform Quality Analysis practices to a Quality Engineering mindset when driving your agile enterprise in the digital transformation era?
  2. Why do you need to test earlier in the lifecycle by shifting left with focus on test automation and testing early in the lifecycle when building enterprise software in this economy?
  3. What will be some of the key quality initiatives and requirements that can help you to make this shift?
  4. How can a completely integrated ecosystem of quality tools help to adapt to the needs of this transformation and bring the impact you are looking for?
  5. How QMetry has made this happen for key customers and how that has impacted our top line?

Join me and Vishal Jhala to see some disruptive stuff we’re building at QMetry to make all this happen. We’re also giving out a free e-book to all attendees post this webinar. This e-book is titled – “10 steps to build an agile testing group with a sophisticated quality tool stack”.

See you there!

Rutesh Shah

Rutesh Shah

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