9 Software Testing Blogs That You Should Follow

Jasmine Chokshi
August 7, 2018

Once upon a time, the process of software testing was much simpler. Practice made perfect. But with the boom in technology, digital renaissance and the DevOps and Agile construct coming into play, we need to look at expert advice to navigate this complex maze. Often this advice comes in the form of thought leadership shared across blogs, websites and forums.

There are now several resources on software testing wisdom that target the QA community, Agile testers and DevOps practitioners in general. If you are interested in new insights and perspectives in this space, then read on for this list of some of the best blogs on software testing.

1. StickyMinds

In their own words, is a hub(managed by Techwell community) for software testers and quality advocates. It publishes content that helps improve the standard of software quality. Industry experts and software testing gurus share their expertise and advice. Topics range from agile testing, mobile and cloud computing and all that lies in between. You will find an FAQs section, topic-based filters, other thought leadership resources and a list of upcoming events.

2. Software Testing Help

If you are looking for in-depth information on manual and automated testing and if tutorials are your thing, then you should definitely check this blog. It is one of the most comprehensive resources on software testing for QAs, containing how to guides, ebooks, Selenium Tutorials, ISTQB study guides, and just about any topic that a QA should want information on. Software Testing Help encourages testers to write quality articles and blogs for them and also publishes domain-specific interview questions to help with those technical interviews.

3. Satisfice, Inc.

Also popularly known as James Bach’s blog, it has a unique voice and perspective on all things quality. Bach is a software tester, author, trainer and consultant and is a strong champion for Exploratory Testing and the context-driven school of testing. He is prolific on subjects like testing culture, exploratory testing and context-driven testing.

4. Google’s Testing Blog

Google’s official testing blog is a highly popular one and covers Google testing news and updates. They publish about one post a month but their content is very interesting. With titles like ‘ Testing on the Toilet: Only Verify Relevant Method Arguments’ the blog is almost a tutorial on how to write great blog posts.

5. Software Testing Magazine

Software Testing Magazine is again a dedicated resource that publishes a plethora of technical content about testing. From articles, tutorials, blog posts, book reviews, tools, news and videos about unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, load testing, acceptance testing etc. the content is pretty exhaustive and informative.

Software Testing Magazine also present a lot of current trends and new approaches in software testing such as Behavior Driven Development(BDD) and Test Driven Development(TDD).

6. Joe Colantonio’s Blog

Automation Testing is a discipline in itself. For Agile and DevOps teams, test automation and its underlying challenges mean that they often turn to expert opinions and subject matter expertise. Joe Colantionio’s blog aptly has the tagline ‘Automation Awesomeness’. It has everything from book reviews, to open source tool advice, performance testing, videos, tutorials and just about anything you need to know about test automation.

7. Guru99

Guru99 is definitely one of the most complete resources that help students and QAs to hone their skills. With a large database of tutorials and information on test management, automated testing, security and performance testing, it covers an extensive range of topics. It can be your go-to site to upgrade your skills, find out what’s new and check out new courses.

8. Try QA

Formerly known as ISTQB Exam Certification, this site is a student-oriented blog. While a large chunk of content is aimed for ISTQB aspirants, it has an in-depth material on software testing including blogs, articles, tutorials and checklists.

If you are looking for in-depth information on any topic, especially beginner’s guides and tutorials, then Try QA has some comprehensive content. The blog posts and articles are organized with easy to find anchor links that flesh out the entire topic sequentially.

9. QMetry Blog

Last but not the least, the QMetry blog is a great resource for the latest and the greatest insights into software testing. We love lists and you can find some great listicles on our blog from top open source tools, best tools for Jira integration, best test automation tools, to the topic at hand.

But you will also find some real-world insights into the challenges faced by Agile testers in an increasingly complex development scenario. Some of our main themes touch upon DevOps concepts like continuous testing, automated testing, intelligent test automation and the tools of the trade.

These are some of our favorites. Are there other blogs and resources that you keep going back to? Feel free to email us with the list of your favorites.

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