8 things to consider before selecting your Automated Testing Tool

Vishalsinh Jhala
May 17, 2018

The decision to adopt test automation is never an easy one. There are many factors that play a role in making automated testing successful and getting the desired outcomes from the move to automation. Identifying the right tool is half the battle won. But what are some of the parameters and criteria that you should consider before selecting your test automation tool?

Ease of adoption: The proof is in the pudding. If your tool can be adopted easily and quickly across teams and users in the organization, you have conquered a mighty challenge. That of user adoption. Evaluate the training and support provided by all vendors and check out what the community has to say about the complexity or simplicity in navigating the tool.

Support for open source automation frameworks: Many contemporary test automation tools support open source test automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium. This integrated approach to software test automation has many advantages and reduces the overall effort.

Behavior Driven Development: Behavior Driven Development and Test- Driven Development allow writing better tests that supports the agile methodology and are accessible to both the operations teams and development side. Support for BDD allows for better and clearer understanding of software behavior reducing the chances of rework. This helps non-technical stakeholders to contribute towards the overall quality.

Reporting and dashboards: The ability to view analytics and customize dashboards to view different report types for various teams and projects allows for making intelligent decisions.

Real-time reports and traceability ensure feature validation and adequate test coverage. Visibility is a key element for test automation. Various quality metrics such as test execution status, defect density and injection rate allow you to maintain quality at every stage of the dev cycle. With the right tool you can quickly review and analyze results to identify failures, trends, and root cause analytics.

Ease of scripting and reusability: A well-designed automated testing tool achieves higher reusability of test components and allows authoring scripts that are easy to maintain and reused across projects. From scripting time to object recognition and script execution speed, to support for CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Bamboo, there are several criteria to consider when you choose your tool.

Support for Exploratory Testing: Exploratory Testing is an integral part of test automation. Does the tool allow auto-code generation with exploratory testing? Does it offer web record and play back feature? Contemporary tools like QMetry Automation Studio provide several features like automated screen capture and web record and playback to enhance your exploratory testing efforts.

Cost-benefit analysis: Accurate cost-benefit analysis takes into consideration the obvious and hidden value of the tool. From solving critical pain points to measurable quality metrics in terms of productivity, efficiency and speed, your test automation solution needs to justify the investment.

Use cases: Last but not the least, your tool should allow you to author and run automated tests for various use cases. If you require automation of challenging use cases like mobile barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing etc. be sure your tool supports these requirements.

Ultimately, the end goal of test automation is to increase your coverage and efficiency and also to incrementally improve the quality of your test suite. The right tool must live up to your requirements and KPIs, and also provide adequate training and support when needed. QMetry Automation Studio leverages open source frameworks like Selenium and Appium to seamlessly automate, execute and analyze test results on multiple platforms like web, mobile and desktop. Sign up for a free trial today and see how you can jumpstart your journey into test automation.

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