5 Top Reads on Software Testing in the Time of DevOps

Jasmine Chokshi
June 19, 2018

Did you know that some of the first software testers were those who tested software that was built following World War II? Quality assurance in general has a history that goes back much further. Even pre-industrial times.

But software testing as we know it now has come a long way from the pen and paper days. It is a vast and constantly evolving subject. And add to it the influence of various development methodologies, testing styles and the Agile and DevOps paradigm. There are new tools, trends and processes evolving every year.

In order to understand the new trends and technology, it always helps to have the basics in place. What are some great books that everyone interested in quality assurance and software testing must read? Here are the top picks of authors and books to add to your reading list, if software testing is your jam:

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