Bringing efficiency to software testing field

3 – Steps Guide to Bring Efficiency to Software Testing Project

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Introduce Continuous Integration tools

Regression runs can be done overnight or over the weekend. Compare this to manually entering and monitoring scripts during working hours and there’s no contest on regression speed and efficiency. But you will need Continuous Integration (CI) tools like Jenkins-CI to be able to manage automated regression runs.

There are a lot of other very strong reasons for introducing CI tools. As a starting point, there’s early defect detection, reduced overheads, better project visibility and reduced assumptions.

Automate more

There is always a little controversy in deciding the right amount of testing to automate. But common sense should prevail. If it is more time-efficient to create automation scripts once and re-use them, then that is what should be done.

But don’t stop when you have created test automation scripts. There can be many other elements outside of the core testing that can be automated. For example, think about automating the loading of the software to be tested, configuring servers and posting results.

Connect all the pieces

Any setup where the individual components do not talk to each other means your efficiency will be leaking away. Manual processes and even (shock horror!) copying and pasting will show you that your testing process is not at peak efficiency.

So, even if it’s tougher at the beginning, integrate the core tools in your testing portfolio. Ideally, having a QA test management tool at the centre will be crucial to gain total control on your testing process. The test management tool will talk to and share information with every other core system you use, which will increase visibility of your whole quality process and create multiple efficiencies.

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Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar

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