11 Best Quotes on The DevOps Way of Life

Jasmine Chokshi
July 31, 2018

Every now and then you come across some glittering words of wisdom in blogs, thought leadership and quotes on the DevOps and Agile practices. You find yourself nodding along and saving some of these as clever comeback for later use. As active practitioners of Agile and DevOps, we can relate very well to some of these quotes and thoughts. We have compiled the top 11 quotes on the DevOps way of life.

  1. “Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars” – Steven Haines
  2. “DevOps is not a Goal, But a never-ending process of continual improvement” – Jez Humble
  3. “DevOps simply adds the idea that small, cross-functional teams should own the entire delivery process from concept through user feedback and production monitoring.” – Mark Schwartz
  4. “There is an inevitable need for CI, no doubt. But developers need to have autonomy to self-elect to skip a check in if they don’t feel their code contribution is ready. This will reduce the wasted effort of dealing with failed integrations and keep developers focus in the zone.”
  5. – Tom Zorde

  6. “Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work.” – Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win
  7. “Complexity has Disposition, not Predictability” – Liz KeoghDevOps comic strip
  8. “An Agile transformation is all about making it OK for an organization to get things wrong. If we think of it this way, it becomes obvious that safety is going to be a truly important part of that.”- Liz Keogh
  1. “You are either building a learning organization or you will be losing to someone who is.” – Andrew Clay Shafer
  2. “Uncertainty abounds in this world. It will always exist, so plan for it. Put yourself in a position so that unplanned work won’t kill you. Plan for unplanned work.” – Dominica DeGrandis
  3. “Devops branches are good for diversity. Adapt DevOps to your context or you might not survive” -Patrick Debois
  4. “If Ops goes to lunch with Ops and Dev goes to lunch with Dev, a low level of efficiency is a certainty”

As you can see, there are some absolute pearls in this list. Got any favorite quotes, tips or advice from DevOps experts? Feel free to share with us and keep reading our blog to find more expert talk on practical DevOps and Agile wisdom.

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