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What is QMetry Automation Studio

QMetry brings innovation in test automation with its QMetry Automation Studio to support growing digital transformation needs.

The QMetry Automation Studio leverages open source test automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium to bring structure, efficiency, and reusability to automated testing efforts. The studio supports advanced test automation strategy with coded automation and enables manual teams to transition into automated testing seamlessly with script less automation methods.

In addition to test authoring, the QAS framework is designed to support mobile conditioning and complex automated testing scenarios like mobile barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing, and more. QAS provides a unified solution for an omnichannel, multi-device, and multi-locale scenario by supporting the web, mobile native, mobile web, web services, and micro-services components. This helps the digital enterprise scale automated testing efforts, thereby eliminating the need for special purpose tools.

Automated Testing Simplified with QMetry

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Key Benefits of the Automation Studio

Adhering to the Principles of BDD and TDD to Support Everyone in the Organization

The fundamentals of test authoring are changing to accommodate natural language for ease. This enables the product and business analyst teams to pitch in and author test cases and manage their projects easily using insightful quality metrics. QMetry’s friendly design for automated testing has made BDD and TDD the de-facto standard to enable better communication across teams to support a full agile testing experience.

Streamlined Object Spying and Repository Management to Ensure Robust Automated Testing

Today, you need to support a sophisticated device world with a multitude of test cases, scenarios, and scripts. QMetry automated testing tool aims to solve this problem with its built-in object spy, which has been created to test/analyze quality metrics and measure the performance of any application with a few clicks.

Enterprise-scale Test Automation under One Roof

The omni-channel digital enterprise aiming for agile testing demands a lot and QAS is the swiss army knife you need to ensure scalability and comprehensive coverage for your application. The Studio brings out of the box scalability containers and leverages the cloud to provide the right CI integration with mobile conditioning libraries and many other modules.

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards for Intelligent and Informed Automated Testing

No automation effort is complete without the right coverage, analytics, and quality metrics. QAS offers a detailed dashboard that showcases all the results of your automation initiatives filtered by various types of attributes. The Studio’s insights help to fine tune your automation with focus on test failures and strong root cause analysis for reduced maintenance.

Core Differentiators

Well suited for micro-services types of applications with different complex components for automated testing.

Automation of hard to achieve use cases like mobile barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing, and other mobile condition scenarios.

A unique tool to validate all UI and other visual components through advanced automated testing to ensure data integrity across different devices in an omnichannel setting.

A visual and unique way to do web services discovery with automatic test component generation.

Automation Jumpstart

Training and Jump-Start with QMetry Automation Studio

Integrations with QMetry Automation Studio

First class integration features for a complete automated testing approach.

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