Case Study

Future-proofing digital quality needs

Our client is a global media company that provides broadcast services to its wide client base via satellite. The company targets a vast audience and serves a wide variety of audiences from homes to restaurants, hotels etc.

The client used HP’s QC to manage their various test assets but were finding the pace too sluggish for their digital transformation needs. They required an Agile and DevOps-ready modern and scalable solution. Here’s how QMetry Test Management solved their needs.

The Challenge

Existing tool HP’s Quality Center was incapable of delivering on shrinking release cycles

Required an Agile solution that optimized test case coverage and efficiency

Faced integration and multi-platform support challenges

User experience was a challenge with an old and unwieldy interface

Our Approach

Offered a fast, modular and DevOps ready tool that enabled multiple integrations and multi-platform support in a new, modern UI.

Optimized their test management efforts with a reusable framework and data-driven testing, with the right amount of test coverage and removal of test case backlogs.

Engagement Benefits

Seamless migration from legacy tool to QMetry

Organized test data in consumable and baseline category

Offered reusable test assets enhancing efficiency

Cleared test case backlog and removed duplicate/dead cases

Benefit of up to 30% savings on quality spend

Enhanced visibility and insights with custom dashboard

“We were in the midst of transitioning from our legacy QA tool and required a tool that speaks DevOps. Switching to QMetry gave us the advantage of velocity and remarkably sped up our time to market. QMetry Test Management is extremely vital to our digital transformation journey and our continuous testing and feedback loop.“

Media Company

700+ companies already switched to QMetry