Case Study

QMetry – Gamechanger for software development

Our client is a leading media and entertainment company that develops, produces, markets entertainment, news and information globally. The client was already familiar with QMetry’s Digital Platform suite and their teams were using QMetry Test Management for Enterprise, which they loved.

But with evolving QA user needs and scaling up, their processes matured and they required something more up to speed and would be an improvement on a tool that they really loved. QMetry Test Management tool for Jira seemed to be the next logical solution as their team found it very familiar and it provided all the enhancements they required.

The Challenge

Evolving teams, processes and organization required a different set of features

Wanted a tool that retained Enterprise’s qualities and added to it

Required an accessible reporting suite for managers/execs to pull data

Needed an intuitive, scalable tool that integrated well with Jira

Our Approach

Provided a great transition from one familiar tool from the QMetry Digital Platform Suite to another tool that better met the client’s evolving requirements

QMetry’s comprehensive and Jira-friendly solution also helped save costs by automating several tasks and brought their report-generation up to speed.

Engagement Benefits

Cost efficient solution with ease of data migration and quick onboarding

Higher acceptance due to familiar vocabulary, concepts and features

Ability for team members to self-serve and generate reports

QMetry’s Support team is highly accessible with timely resolution

“The concepts were same. The vocabulary, the terms, the tools. We looked at migration. So, will we retain the information currently in Enterprise if we switch over? We analyzed the cost and efforts parameters. Will it speed us up? And by how much? How do we measure it? Slowly we kind of evangelized it. Kind of received feedback from various squads within our organization. What they thought? And the reception was very positive.“

Entertainment Company

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