What’s New in QMetry Test Manager 6

Enterprise Ready – High Performance – Comprehensive Test Management

Enterprise Grade Performance and Security

  • Performance tuned to support more users performing more complex tasks
  • Updated security
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Improved QA Productivity

  • Enhanced multi-tasking UI
  • Easily navigate between projects without losing your place
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Industry Leading Platform Support

  • Group similar platforms and configurations that use common attributes
  • Record platform variables at test runtime
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Advance QA Metrics

  • New customizable Release Status Dashboard
  • Over 100 Configurable Reports
  • Any query can become a report and/or dashboard
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Enhanced Customization Capabilities

  • Enhanced support for Agile workflows
  • Add New Test Status Levels
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New Enhanced REST API

  • Easier to use and integrate with third party apps
  • Better performance and scalability
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How do I upgrade from QMetry Test Manager 5 to QMetry Test Manager 6

QMetry Test Manager 6 is a major update which includes significant database changes that requires a new install and a migration of the database. The new database structure has more tables which improves the performance and functionality. This adds to the migration time as the old data is mapped to the new schema, after which the integrations will also be migrated.


Since the migration to QMetry Test Manager 6 may take a full weekend, and it also comes with many new features that your users will want to take advantage of the upgrade to QMetry Test Manager 6 will happen gradually over the next few months. Support will be contact each company individually to inform you of your scheduled migration.

If you would like to schedule an early migration please contact:

On Premise

The QMetry Test Manager 6 migration is more complex and time intensive than previous migrations. Due to to this the QMetry Test Manager Support team will provide help with your OnPrem migration.

To find out more information and schedule your migration please contact: support@qmetry.zendesk.com.