Announcing Smart Test Management for Agile Teams with QMetry 7.0

Now experience secure, scalable, enterprise grade test management with
advanced intelligence and automation.

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About QMetry Test Manager

Test management designed for digital agile teams

QMetry test manager is built to become a single pane of glass for quality organizations to manage , measure and automate all quality initiatives.

The platform capabilities of QMetry Test Manager enable enterprise users to manage multiple test beds across devices and browsers. Its seamless integration capabilities with various defect tracking, automation and Agile tools takes enterprise quality management capabilities to the next level. QMetry Test Manager’s 100+ out-of-the-box reports and dashboards allows QA teams to track performance and progress allowing faster go-to-market decisions.

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QMetry 7.0 – What’s New

Improved Integration with JIRA

Now you can do end-to-end traceability from Jira User story to QMetry testcase to multiple test executions to a defect all in JIRA interface

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Integration with QMetry Automation Studio

Now, you can view all manual and automated test cases in QMetry. Integration with QMetry Automation Studio not only provides automated test cases but also automatic log results irrespective of a manual test case in QMetry.

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Backup, Restore and Archive domain

Backup – Take point-in-time backup (snapshot) for any active domain.

Restore – Restore a domain from backup with all attributes.

Archive – Take point-in-time backup for any active Domain and delete the domain.

Enterprise Grade Scalability and Security

Scale enterprise applications easily and securely across multiple clouds, globally distributed environments and teams.

Tools that Integrate with – QMetry Test Manager

Lifecycle Management

  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Rally

Defects Management

  • Mantis
  • FogBugz
  • Bugzilla


  • Selenium
  • QFS
  • Silk Test
  • Test Complete
  • HP QTP
  • Robot Framework
  • Telerik

Resources for QMetry Test Manager

Fact Sheet

QMetry Test Manager – Comprehensive Test Mgmt

Test any complex mobile software, hardware configurations

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Holmes Corporation was using Rally for Agile requirement

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QMetry Test Manager Overview

A Test Mgmt Tool that Helps Teams Shift Left and Improve Efficiency

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Editions of QMetry Test Manager


  • Customize Execution Status Levels
  • Create New Reports from Queries
  • Create Multiple Views
  • Support for Localization
  • Platform Attributes support
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  • Create Custom Queries
  • Add Execution Status Levels
  • Create Platform Groups
  • Log Runtime Attributes
  • Advanced Boolean Search
  • Enhanced UAT Support
  • Coverage Status Reports
  • Build Comparison Reports
  • Cross Domain Reports
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Pricing for QMetry Test Manager

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