SolidFire – Low-Cost SaaS Integration with Fogbugz

Low-Cost SaaS Integration with Fogbugz

Case Study Overview

Solidfire is a fast-growing company in high performance storage systems with guaranteed QoS. QMetry Test Management provided them a lightweight and inexpensive Saas tool with enterprise level version control and integration with Fogbugz.

Words from the Client

QMetry Test Management provides a holistic life cycle management solution and is strongly engrained in our development process. If QMetry Test Management went away it would cripple our development process and even affect our intellectual property in the short and mid-term.
Director of Quality Engineering

The Challenges

Current products were bloated, had bad usability, and didn’t match their needs.

Required comprehensive test management solution to organize testing artifacts.

Lack of detailed visibility with Rally for changes in stability of release.

Essential product integration with existing defect tracking system, Fogbugz.

Our Approach

Provided them with a lightweight and inexpensive SaaS test. management tool to organize testing process efficiently and standardize testing processes at low maintenance.

Offered a lightweight and inexpensive SaaS test management tool to organize and standardize testing processes efficiently, with low maintenance.

Holistic life cycle management at affordable price.
Comprehensive test management tool with great user interface.
Speedy tool along with cloud access and integration with Foxbugz.
Standardized testing processes and enhanced collaboration.