How Proteus uses QMetry Test Manager to manage testing across multiple mobile devices


Managing Mobile Testing
Today QMetry Test Manager is an integral part of our testing processes. Without QMetry Test Manager we would have to recreate and re-engineer many of our activities, and this would significantly affect the speed with which we release applications in the marketplace.

Scott Andrews

Senior Manager of Systems Integration



How Proteus uses QMetry Test Manager to manage testing across multiple mobile devices and tablets and report bugs through Assembla.

Why QMetry Test Manager

  • Ability to test on a large number of mobile platforms
  • Strong integration with Assembla
  • Enterprise-grade platform with intuitive UI

Proteus Digital Health is a pioneer in the digital health industry. Their sensor-based technology enables customers to better manage their health and more effectively collaborate with caregivers and clinicians, while enabling new information-based business models.

Scott Andrews is the Senior Manager of the Systems Integration group at Proteus Digital Health. Part of his responsibilities include ensuring that the ingestible sensor, all the front-end devices like mobile phones and tablets, and back-end systems like servers and applications, are designed to work in harmony. His group is also responsible for ensuring Proteus’s applications will work accurately on all supported devices and at the performance levels required by end-customers.

Scott’s group previously used Excel and trace matrices along with some capabilities in bug tracking systems to conduct test management. However, Scott quickly discovered that Excel had many inherent limitations especially as Proteus had to increasingly support a larger number of devices. He decided to invest in an enterprise-grade test management platform that would enable his team to conduct effective test management for a variety of platforms. Other key needs were for the product to integrate with Assembla — the defect tracking platform used by Proteus’s development team; for the product to have a good integration with Selenium and for the product to be hosted in the cloud.

Scott decided to use QMetry Enterprise as a SaaS deployment. His team found that QMetry Test Manager met their needs, was inexpensive and had an intuitive UI that could enable them to quickly create test cases and associate them with various platforms. Today, QMetry Test Manager is widely adopted amongst Scott’s team at Proteus as the test management tool of choice.