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Improve Exploratory Testing Efficiency With Automated Test Case Documentation And Smart Bug Reports

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What is QMetry Voyager

Exploratory Testing plays a key role in Agile world. QMetry Voyager for JIRA add-on helps to improve your efficiency by automating Test Case documentation while you perform exploratory testing. This FREE add-on reduces efforts of documenting bugs / errors by screen capture, and annotating, adding voice memos and linking them to JIRA issues. Why pay for JIRA Capture or any other add-ons when you can record and document bugs for free with QMetry Voyager? QMetry Voyager works seamlessly with QMetry Test Management for JIRA and can automatically link exploratory testing screen captures and documentation to test cases.

What can you do with QMetry Voyager ?

Exploratory Testing with Automated Documentation

As you explore, Voyager automatically records your action, captures screen shots and generates automated Test Case documentation. Voyager smart recorder will accurately capture event details to identify real objects used by the user – which can help with automated test development.

Bug Report with Annotated Screenshot & Debug Info

Found a bug while exploring? Export all bug details to JIRA with screenshot and environment details with single click. Exploratory testing coupled with automated bug capture, annotation and reporting results in time savings for testers.

Empower Agile Team with Effective Collaboration

Recorded test sessions with bug information help communicate with development team along with screen shots and steps to reproduce. Such collaboration and additional details helps developers to quickly isolate the cause of the bug and fix them to improve the quality of software.

QMetry Voyager for JIRA Features

Automatically records all your actions and creates automated documentation with screenshots.

If you see a bug while exploring, Voyager can let you annotate screen shot and escalate that bug to JIRA with screenshot and environment details.

Integrates with test management products like QMetry Test Management for JIRA to export to and link to test cases.

Automatically captures internal technical details required for debugging a bug like Id, xpath and more! This can be used for automation too.

Record voice memos, mark assertions and validations while exploring for developers while testing

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