QMetry Test Manager 7 with Improved JIRA Integration

QMetry Test Manager+JIRA = Enterprise Grade Test Management

Emphasize End-to-End Quality traceability with-in JIRA

Seamless Integration with JIRA Requirements and Issues

QMetry is an Enterprise grade JIRA test case management tool that seamlessly integrates with JIRA Requirements and Issues – enabling smart test management to improve quality faster.

Enterprise grade test management with end-to-end integration

  • Full Requirement Traceability
  • Unified integration with JIRA user stories, tasks and custom requirements
  • Associate testcases to each user stories and review execution history
  • Review associated defects with each user stories
  • Review full test coverage graph to make informed product Launch decisions
  • Automatic real-time updates of Defects in JIRA and QMetry
  • Developer view in JIRA with testcase and execution details
  • Testers view in JIRA/QMetry with traceability details
  • Review other defects in JIRA to quickly identify duplicates
  • View full test execution history of testcases in JIRA with associated defects
  • Full version control of Test Cases for every build being tested
  • Review past defects for the testcase in JIRA to ensure effective regression testing
  • Powerful Exploratory and Regression Testing
  • Automatically Create Test Suite from Requirement or Requirement Folder
  • Start an Exploratory test run from an individual Test Case, Folder, or Requirement with a single click
  • Progressively update test suite results with each new build
  • Compare test suite results by build or platform
  • Create or link existing bugs without leaving your execution screen.

QMetry and JIRA Integration is designed to help everyone

  • End-to-end traceability from requirements to testcase to execution to defects
  • Full version control of testcases with industry leading platform support
  • Links to readymade quality metrics for effective decision making with-in JIRA
  • Real-time view in testing efforts from JIRA and QMetry interface
  • Create or link existing bugs to JIRA without leaving your execution screen
  • All details from the test case and test run are automatically included in new bug
  • Review requirements, testcaes and defects from the same screen with-in JIRA
  • View full test execution history to create context of testing effort
  • Review testcase in JIRA along with execution and bug details
  • See full environmental details for all submitted bugs to quickly find resolution
  • Support for different Automation Frameworks to integrate automated test results

Happy Customers Say it ALL

Candidly, I don’t know how we would carry out testing without QMetry Test Manager. We would be in a world of hurt and would regress back to a scenario of ad-hoc and undefined testing.

Anne Frazer

Director of Quality Assurance, Healthland


There was a very high operational risk in using Excel for test management, and with QMetry Test Manager we have averted almost that entire risk. We are a significantly more efficient QA organization now that we have implemented and standardized on QMetry Test Manager as the test management platform of choice.

Jean-Francois Brissot

Director Software Quality Assurance, Calypso


We really appreciate the time and effort the QMetry Test Manager team put in to helping us diagnose the problem and explain the root cause. We are very happy with the level of support that the QMetry Test Manager team has provided to us.

Ronald Martin

Director Software Quality Assurance, SilverSky