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Atlassian JIRA IconJIRA Integration

PDF IconIntegration Benefits for End-Users



Atlassian JIRA is an issue and project tracker for teams building great software. JIRA tracks issues, tasks, features,
and bugs. JIRA sits at the heart of Atlassian's offerings for managing your entire development process from concept
to launch.



QMetry's integration with JIRA allows QA practitioners to enter bugs directly from QMetry. These bugs will pull the
relevant Test Case information into the defect including the steps required to reproduce the bug. Testers can include additional notes and attachments (log files, screenshots, etc.) as well. QMetry can also link existing issues to Test Cases or Requirements. You can set up automatic filters that pull JIRA issues to create new Test Cases and/or Requirements based on advanced search criteria (including JQL search criteria).


The integration enables users to have seamless access to QMetry Test Cases and Requirements directly from
their JIRA interface. Without leaving JIRA, users can quickly review or drill in to see a detailed view of testing
activity including the status per step, platforms tested, and the Test Suites that were run. This is done by using
2 powerful features: Activity Streams and Remote Linking. Using these features, developers always know the
latest Testing Status without leaving JIRA; and the associated import and syncing capabilities enable product
teams to achieve 100% Test coverage.

Salient Features

  • Capture all relevant details from the JIRA issue to the Test Case or Requirement in QMetry
  • Browse Test Cases from JIRA and readily creates a defect with one click. Steps to reproduce
    the defects migrate from Test Case to defect automatically
  • Associate a JIRA defect to a QMetry Test Case or Requirement directly from JIRA
  • Search and find Test Cases or Requirements from within JIRA
  • Use Activity Streams and Remote Linking to get accurate and real-time information on
    Test Cases and Defects


The JIRA plug-in is FREE to all QMetry Professional and Enterprise customers.


  Improve Logic Test Case Detail View

Improve the Logic of Fetching the JIRA Users into QMetry while Adding a Defect

The Test Case Detail View shows the JIRA User the Status for the Test Case for each Test Suite or Platform Combination



Website: QMetry | Atlassian Marketplace

Integration Status: GA (General Availability)

Cost: Free. Customizations may incur extra charges. For more details, please contact

Download JIRA Plug-in: Please visit our Support Forum or contact

Supported Versions: JIRA 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0.