Proven Quality Tools to
Accelerate Digital Transformation for Your Enterprise

Driving continuous quality initiatives with test management, automation, analytics and integrations tools.

QMetry suite of products is designed with a mission to provide an innovative technology platform for agile, digital enterprises to deploy quality software faster with confidence. QMetry is trusted by over 400+ enterprises across industries like finance, healthcare, travel, retail and education.

Enterprise Solutions

Test management tool designed for digital agile teams

QMetry Test Management is a comprehensive test management platform to manage growing enterprise QA needs – with a test management tool.

QMetry Test Management was built to become a single pane of glass for quality organizations to manage , measure and automate quality initiatives.

Test automation tool for web, mobile and API testing

QMetry Automation Studio is a unique automation framework to create, maintain and manage test case libraries, establish easy integration with test management, CI (continuous integration) and automation tools with a flexible architecture.

This automation framework supports web, mobile (native and web applications) and web services.

Opensource framework test automation

QMetry Automation Framework is the first open source automation framework for web, mobile, and web services. It addresses most challenges around issues with complex native and hybrid applications.

The solution enables the testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers in the cloud or on premise, using a single framework. This greatly simplifies the creation, maintenance and management of test case libraries, and reduces the costs involved in setting up test automation.


Atlassian Solutions

QMetry now brings end to end test management inside JIRA. This tool is designed for agile teams to collaborate better and drive digital transformation initiatives to market faster. The tool is highly modularized to reuse test management components.

Teams can now collaborate within JIRA and use Atlassian tools such as HipChat, Confluence etc. Reporting provides actionable data intelligence to drive better decision making. With QMetry Test Management for JIRA, QA teams can now get involved earlier in the development cycle to build test scenarios while continuously testing early development builds.

Integrate other tools with JIRA using RESTful APIs

QMetry brings Open APIs that enable you to access all features of QMetry via RESTful APIs. This includes Test Authoring, Test Execution and Automation. It also enables easy integrations with other automation frameworks such as Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit or Maven. The Open API allows seamless integration with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo etc. It also integrates with any requirement or lifecycle management tools.

Converts automation initiatives into actionable results, insights and recommendations

QMetry Wisdom converts all automation initiatives into actionable results, insights and recommendations.

A first of its kind in test automation, QMetry Wisdom is set out to make test automation more intelligent with complete drill down of test results from high level trending charts.

It provides a complete review of root causes and failures, and uses suggestive test action models to solve them.

It enables complete customization of sprints, versions, component projects, users and various other dimensions. Now, take charge of your automation without any painful configurations.