Application Defects Management Tool Integration

Out-of-the-Box Integration With Application Defects Management Tools

QMetry Test Manager integrates out-of-the-box with the popular defect and requirement tracking tools improving the collaboration between QA and development to allow for faster test and release of projects.

Users can create test cases directly from requirements / usecase with linkage for test coverage management. The resulting test case will automatically provide linkage between linked requirements and respective defects. The change in requirements will also be automatically flagged for review of related test cases.

Users can create bugs directly from QMetry Test Manager test executions automatically copying all the test case details: including each step with its expected and actual results. The resulting issue is directly linked to the test case execution, as well as associated with the test case. Upon subsequent test case executions testers are able to link existing issues rather than creating a duplicate issue.

QMetry Test Manager can also search for issues in the external tools to import them as requirements and/or test cases. This allows QA to create requirements based on issues in development. Users can search, update, and view defect reports directly from QMetry Test Manager. Most of the out-of-box integrations are supported by QMetry Test Manager for future updates in product releases.

Key Features

  • Bi-direction updates
  • Custom defined interval for integration sync interval
  • Easily create issues directly from QMetry Test Manager’s execution screen capturing all the test case details
  • Import issues from issue tracker into QMetry Test Manager ensuring that all issues that need to be tested are covered
  • Imported QMetry Test Manager requirements are kept in-sync with external issues
  • Before filing a new defect users can review and even link to and reopen existing issues to deduce duplicate issues
  • All test case details including steps to reproduce, preconditions, expected and actual results are automatically copied to the defect


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