Integrate Manual and Automated Results Into One Complete Picture

Integrated Support of Automation Testing Tools

QMetry Test Manager offers out-of-the-box integration with automation tools and a robust API so you have complete flexibility in your automation tool. Once integrated QMetry Test Manager provides the same robust reporting that has been developed for manual testing to the automation tests to form one complete picture.

QMetry Test Manager also provides flexibility in how you integrate your automation and manual testing. QMetry Test Manager can be integrated with a Continuous Integration tool to receive the automation test results into QMetry Test Manager. QA teams can also launch automated test suites manually, or even schedule automated test runs within QMetry Test Manager.

Accelerate Transition to Quality Engineering

Does Your Team Face These Common Problems

  • Did automation used to work and now it doesn’t?
  • When automation tests fail it is unclear what is actually failing?
  • Easily create issues directly from QMetry Test Manager’s execution screen capturing all the test case details
  • Do you have difficulty getting the automation engineers to verify test failure?

Help solve these issues by mapping the automated test cases to a manual test case. When test fails the results can be verified by a manual tester. Manual tester can then escalate the issue to the development team if it fails manually, or send it back to the automation team if the test is outdated, or fails due to environmental factors that need to be accounted for. This helps automation engineers concentrate on new issues without troubleshooting each random failure, and can be a first step to help to develop and train manual testers for automation.


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