QMetry Test Manager Feature Overview

Manage Better. Test Smarter. Deploy Faster.

Smart Test Management

QMetry Test Manager centralized repository provides the most flexibility for teams to organize, find and utilize their test assets. QMetry Test Manager is the only tool that provides three scopes to allow management to see progress at the test cycle, release, or even at the domain level. Not only can you filter and view your testing status by scope, but organizations can even test different versions of test cases in different scopes. And unlike other simple tools a single test case can be used in multiple test suites at once, and even tested against multiple configurations. No more need to duplicate test cases. When a test case is updated users can choose to push the changes out to all, some, or none of the test suites, and users can also choose to reset the testing status to force a retest.

  • Central repository of test cases
  • Modern high performance architecture for large scale enterprises
  • Multi-tasking UI
  • Support for ad hoc exploratory testing
  • Full test suite / test set support
  • Easy management of testing against multiple platforms / configurations
  • Built in test requirement management to track and ensure test coverage
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Real-Time Dashboard

QMetry Test Manager’s dashboards enable QA teams get valuable information updated in real time. Every QA team needs a different set of information, and that is why QMetry Test Manager provides a large assortment of interactive dashboards. Many dashboards can be filtered by multiple criteria, or reconfigured to show different data sets. Each users can save their own list of favorite dashboards allowing each team member the capability to view the data based on their needs.

  • Dashboards can be filtered by any field in the data set
  • Custom dashboards can be created from your favorite reports
  • Any of the over 50 reports can be added to the dashboard
  • Any of the over 75 queries can be added to the dashboard
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Advanced QA Metrics

A key differentiator of QMetry Test Manager is the rich reporting. QMetry Test Manager automates reporting allowing managers to save time, eliminate frustrating busy work, and avoid human errors. Using real-time reports proactive analysis management can come to market faster and with confidence on quality. QMetry Test Manager starts out with over 100 built-in reports that help teams track, in real-time, the progress of testing. The built-in reports help track requirement coverage, execution status, user activity, and many other common scenarios.

  • Over 50 out-of-the-box reports
  • Over 75 queries available
  • Reports and queries can be sorted, filtered, tagged, and added to favorite lists or custom dashboards
  • All of QMetry Test Manager’s out-of-the-box reports can be filtered by any one or more of the variables in the dataset
  • Special platform, build, and coverage status reports (Enterprise only)
  • Create new reports from any existing query (Enterprise only)
  • Create new queries from scratch or copy an existing query and modify it to your needs (Enterprise only)
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Enterprise Grade Performance and Security

QMetry Test Manager is designed for scale to meet the needs of large enterprises. Unlike other tools that bog down as the data set grows QMetry Test Manager continues to perform well with thousands of users and 100s of thousands of test cases and executions.

  • Scalable to 100000+ test cases and 1000s of users
  • Support for LDAP and active directory
  • Support for SSL and SSO
  • Three levels of scope helps organize and quickly filter large test libraries
  • Admin settings to allow administers tweak performance
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Improved QA Productivity

QMetry Test Manager’s centralized test repository allows teams to better collaborate and ensure that everyone is working together and has access to the same information when they need it.

  • Collaboration among geographically distributed teams
  • Centralized repository of test cases, execution results and defects
  • Adopt the tool to your process – no code configuration

Industry Leading Platform Support

QMetry Test Manager provides the industry’s most advanced support for testing complex matrices of software and hardware configurations. The user interface allows teams to start with a narrow focus and then easily scale up to add new environments. QA groups meeting the complex challenges of information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), including mobile will find QMetry Test Manager easy to configure to test multiple platforms, environments, and configurations.

  • Easily execute test suites against multiple platforms
  • Compare test results from multiple platforms looking to compare user experience across devices
  • Add attributes to platforms
  • Filter reports by platform(s), resolutions, and browsers to find patterns of failure and verify test coverage
  • Group common platforms into groups
  • Define attributes at runtime to handle test environment variables like software versions, temperature, apps loaded, and network settings
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Ready-Made Quality Metrics

QMetry Test Manager’s report engine has been revamped to allow unmatched power and flexibility along with 100+ reports to build from.

  • Add any report to your own customized dashboard and get complete drill-down to details
  • Easily change any report by grouping the data by any field in the report or by setting filters
  • All reports can also be exported .pdf and .xls files
  • Custom dashboards can be created
  • Create reports with pie, donut, bar, column, area, or line charts
  • Support for complex multi-line, clustered bar, and clustered column charts
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Enhanced Customization Capabilities

QMetry Test Manager has been designed to be flexible enough to fit into any process

  • No code customization to adapt to your testing processes and terminologies – Agile, Iterative, Waterfall, Hybrid
  • Custom access control for different team members/roles to enable view, read, write, update and export
  • Support for User Defined Fields (UDFs) of different types
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New Enhanced REST API

The QMetry Test Manager REST APIs are commonly used by automation engineers who want to integrate QMetry Test Manager with standalone automation tools. Using REST API’s, filtered test scenarios could be fetched out of QMetry Test Manager, executed them on automation tools outside QMetry Test Manager and push execution results back to QMetry Test Manager for generating various relevant reports and metrics.

  • Integrate with other automation, defect tracking and requirements management tools
  • Ready-made integration with industry standard tools included in the QMetry Test Manager
  • Integration with continuous integration tools like Jenkins