QMetry Professional

Smart Test Management Suitable for Large Distributed Teams

Shift Left to Quality Engineering

QMetry Professional edition provides the power to manage complex quality challenges with agility. Whether you require a formal test plan, or you need the flexibility to build the test plan using an Agile development cycle, QMetry Professional can provide you the support to manage better, test smarter, and deploy faster.

The Power of a Professional Test Management Tool

The Professional edition integrates into the larger organization’s bug tracking and automation toolsets to improve communication with development and provide a complete picture of testing.

QMetry Professional Features

Smart Test Management

Built from the ground up to improve QA productivity

Improved QA Productivity

Adopt the tool to your process – no code configuration

Enterprise Grade Performance and Security

Modern high performance architecture for large scale enterprises

New Enhanced REST API

Easily integrate with automation and CI tools

Real-Time Dashboard

Powerful dashboards provide real time reports

New Custom Reporting Engine

Unmatched power and flexibility to customize 100+ reports

Industry Leading Platform Support

Compare test results across devices

Enhanced Customization Capabilities

Flexible out-of-the-box integration with other tools

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Smart test management suitable for large distributed teams

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