University of Sydney

QMetry Test Management Helps University Save More Than 50% on Test Management
We are extremely happy with pace of innovation at QMetry Test Management. They are speedy with delivering enhancements and bug fixes via patches. If QMetry Test Management went away it would greatly disrupt every aspect of our testing process. It is doubtful that we could achieve the same level of testing efficiencies at this cost with any other tool.

James Steward

Project Manager

University of Sydney


How QMetry Test Management helped the University of Sydney migrate from older legacy test management tool to become more Agile in their testing practices.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Integration with test automation systems
  • Bi-directional integration with JIRA
  • Inexpensive to maintain

James Stewart is the Test Manager for the student administration system (SITS) at the University of Sydney. He manages a team of 15 QA engineers and is also responsible for the testing of all projects related to SITS.

When James joined the University there was an existing testing tool installed on site. This tool (hereafter “older tool”), a cumbersome, heavyweight platform from a large Fortune 100 Software Company was installed inside the University’s technology firewall. The older tool required a lot of specialized operational resources and money to maintain: hardware platforms, support personnel and licensing costs.

James wanted to develop, test and maintain a world-class student administration system at the lowest possible cost. The older tool did a reasonable job of helping to create a system with minimal defects but was prohibitively costly to operate. Further, in late-2011, the older tool version reached its “end-of-life” that is, the vendor decided to stop supporting it and required the University to undertake an expensive upgrade — it leading to an assessment of the best tool for the University’s needs.

At that time, James commenced an analysis of test management tools to find one that would address the dual goal of producing defect-free software at low costs. He decided to investigate tools that could be consumed as a service (SaaS offerings) as this would remove the need for the University to host and support a toolset and assist in reducing operational costs. After a brief online search, James narrowed the choice down to QMetry Test Management and another tool. After a rigorous one-month evaluation process, James and his team chose QMetry Test Management as the test management tool of choice.

Today, James and his team are using QMetry Test Management extensively to manage their entire testing process. They are satisfied with the versatile feature set, especially the integration with defect tracking and test automation systems. With QMetry Test Management, James estimates conservatively that the University saves more than 50% over the older tool when considering the total cost of ownership of the test management toolset. And, he has achieved his cherished goal of producing high-quality software with minimal risk of business operations.