Migrating from Excel to an Integrated Solution with JIRA and QMetry Test Management
QMetry Test Management is central to our testing efforts now. It has helped me build a more professional QA organization within HighWire. My team is significantly more productive than the days where we used Excel for Test Case Management. I definitely think it can be used by my counterparts in other departments at Stanford.

Vusal Azizaliyev

QA Manager

Stanford University


A growing distributed QA team needed a better solution to collaborate between themselves on test cases and with development using JIRA.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Bi-directional integration with JIRA
  • Easy visibility into testing content
  • Bring efficiencies into testing process

Located in Palo Alto, California, HighWire is a division of the Stanford University Libraries. As the leading ePublishing platform, HighWire Press partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of 2,500 journals, reference works, books, and proceedings.

The Quality Assurance (QA) team at HighWire consists of 17 engineers located both on-site and offshore and is responsible for both quality control and quality assurance processes for all HighWire products and releases. Just less than 6 month ago, the HighWire QA team was managing test cases in Excel with no particular reporting capabilities, inability to view key test case data through graphs and no formal process or software for managing test cases. A newly appointed QA Manager decided to change this and initiated research on the capabilities of leading test management platforms.

The key requirement for a test management platform was a strong integration with the already adopted issue management platform, JIRA. After an initial search, the QA team narrowed down the search to 3 platforms – QMetry Test Management, a free test management tool and a larger testing application from one of the largest software vendors in the industry. QMetry Test Management was the best fit. Neither was it expensive and heavy as the offering from the large vendor nor was it as bare-bones as the free software. Also, some members of HighWire’s offshore QA team had used QMetry Test Management in the past and they were comfortable with its UI and functionality. Further, QA team found the Sales and Support teams at QMetry Test Management to be extremely responsive to their needs.

Today QMetry Test Management is being used very actively at HighWire. The team is particularly pleased with the insightful charting and graphing capabilities as well as the ability to organize and execute test cases within test suites. The bi-directional integration with JIRA is also immensely helpful as it enables a meaningful linking of test cases and requirements with defects and for providing a centralized place to add comments. Further, the QA team at Highwire has connected their automation framework through QMetry Test Management’s Web Services API in a way that enables them to view test results in QMetry Test Management.